Intelligent functionality

It there's one thing bathrooms must be, it's practical and convenient. This way, furniture is turned into veritable storage wizards while easily adapting to any age group. The numerous additional digital functions in bathroom furniture and porcelain demonstrate their innovative side.

With the convenience of height adjustment and other additional functions, bathroom furniture easily adapts to people of any age – and still looks smart in the bargain.

  • Washbasin and WC are infinitely adjustable in height for even more convenience.

  • In this bathroom, the furniture is barrier free too. The module can be moved under the washbasin and used as a seat, also providing additional storage space to sit on.

  • In this barrier free bathroom with tilting mirror, all activities can be performed in the seated position.

The bathroom has long since become a digital environment. All made possible by smart WCs, interconnected mirrors and integrated sound systems.

  • The mirror cabinet not only provides an integrated power socket but also a USB port for the smart phone.

  • Pretty smart – the Duravit Biotracer replaces the fitness wristband.

A bathroom should be hygienic and easy to clean.

Intelligent organisational elements turn bathroom furniture into veritable storage wizards.

  • With versatile, removable boxes, storage space can even be organised on two levels.

  • This InnoTech Atira drawer with integrated frame system provides versatile storage space for small items.

  • With integrated laundry basket, there's also somewhere for collecting dirty washing in the bathroom.

  • This small bathroom can even accommodate the washing machine.

  • InnoTech with OrgaTray provides versatile storage space in the drawer.

  • Here, storage space for small items is integrated directly on the mirror.

  • With the washing machine integrated behind a WingLine folding door system and with mobile laundry baskets, this bathroom is a storage professional.

  • Storage space for all sorts of items is provided here directly in the washbasin.

Innovative lighting creates atmosphere – and today's bathroom is inconceivable without it.