Surfaces galore

A trend is emerging among surfaces that couldn't be further removed from the gloss white finishes which have long prevailed: black. In future, kitchen furniture and (…) appliances will be adorning themselves with classy (…) black surfaces. And increasingly, furniture interiors are also taking on a dark look. One item, though, is going against the flow: the refrigerator! In standalone form, it's moving into the focus, sporting bright accent colours. Consumers themselves now even have a say in creating its surface design. In its immediate surroundings, metallic surfaces, stone and concrete looks signalise high material quality and lasting value. (...)  Timbers, primarily oak, are increasingly providing a warm and homely feel – sometimes with vibrant flowery grain, sometimes even texture.

Black is "beautiful" again: black is returning as a distinctive design element. At times silky matt, at times highly polished. Combined with bright accent colours, this produces lively, stunning contrasts. Refrigerators are climbing the career ladder: they are advancing to become autonomous design objects and can even be styled in any chosen way.

  • Exceptional wines, exceptional working components: the hinge K08 with Silent System provides the key to elegantly moving doors that close in silence.

  • In the proTech titanium drawer, the black base provides consistency of design.

Surfaces finished in stone and concrete effect give kitchens a modern look.

  • Fitted with the Sensys designer hinge, the door closes gently and quietly – with Silent System.

Entire furniture fronts in leather look conjure an utterly unique finish.

Metallic surface finishes in gold, silver and copper bring an aura of class to the kitchen.

Framed glass doors create a light and airy feel and let the eye look through to decorative items on display inside.

  • DesignSide in glass consistently continues the design principle through on the inside of furniture.

Wood remains right on trend – for more warmth and homeliness.

  • The Actro drawer runner provides outstanding running performance and maximum stability.

  • This trend is even reflected in the Profi+ drawer interior.

  • With stunning effect, the SlideLine sliding door system brings a feel of luxury to the art of changing between open and closed sections in furniture.

The combination of matt and gloss surfaces creates an exciting interplay with the reflection of light.

Green adds refreshing colour statements, is a good-mood maker and conjures feel-good ambience.

We thank the following companies for the photographs they have made available:

  • Ballerina Küchen
  • Beeck Küchen
  • Brigitte Küchen
  • Häcker
  • Nobilia
  • Nolte Küchen
  • Pronorm
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