Living architecture

Organic shapes give upholstered furniture, tables and even cabinets the flair of the "swinging sixties" and provide a contrast with purist, filigree contours.

Thin contours

Filigree shapes and materials lend a light and airy elegance to shelf units and other furniture.


The Sensys thin door hinge brings Silent System perfection to thin doors.



Purist, handleless drawers open at the press of a finger, leaving them to close quietly and gently with Push to open Silent.


Furniture is reduced to the essential, captivating with its clean lines and purist look.

Organic shapes

Round contours add retro flair to upholstered furniture, kidney shaped tables and even to cabinets.


From floor to celling

Floor to ceiling cabinets not only provide additional storage space, they also make a room feel calm and perfectly ordered.